Tips for Choosing a Contractor

Electrical SafetyTip 1 – If another contractor proposed to install either Central Air, a Pool or Spa, or a Generator and recommends their electrician while we are currently servicing your home, it’s best if we do the installation since we are familiar with your home.

Tip 2 – All electrical work in your home or business should always be performed by a licensed electrician. No matter what the unlicensed individual says regarding his skill or education, one thing separates the licensed from the unlicensed, and that is insurance! You can only have insurance doing electrical work only if you are licensed. Furthermore, some counties penalize homeowners for hiring contractors that have no proof of being a licensed contractor. License holder information is public information usually available on county and state websites. If a contractor has a valid license, they have insurance.

Tip 3 – Look for a contractor thru a reputable source. The best kind of a reputable source is word of mouth. Ask your friends and even around your job if anyone had work done. What they liked or disliked about the contractor.

Electrical Safety Tips

safty tip 2Electrical Safety
Excessive cords into an outlet are a fire hazard. They cause a buildup of excessive heat and furthermore, the weight of the cords causes the multi outlet adapter to sag causing it to have an improper electrical connection. If you see this somewhere in your home, either relocate some of the appliances or consider getting an electrician to add an outlet nearby.

An extension cord under a carpet is extremely dangerous. Overtime traffic over the carpet causes the cord to breakdown and it will eventually ignite the carpet. If you see a cord run under a carpet, it needs to be disconnected immediately. The appliance either needs to be relocated or an outlet needs to be installed.


Tips For Going Green


timer-small Install a timer on your outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting usually draws more electricity than a TV or a lamp in your hallway left on all night. Simply having your outdoor lights turn off in the middle of the night will save money. If you a flood light on your home or business set to turn off at midnight, they will save an average of $65 dollars a year.

Install a timer on the exhaust fan in your bathroom. Everyone wants to leave the fan on after they use the bathroom. A preset timer will not only turn off the exhaust fan after five, ten, or twenty minutes after you left but will also help prevent conditioned are from leaving the room!

Motion Switches

Install motion switches in offices, hallways, and closets. A light can be set to stay illuminated for a time frame from 8 seconds to 10 minutes after movement was detected. Motion switches are not only energy efficient, but they are convenient.

Heating and cooling

Install programmable thermostats- Set the temperature a few degrees less comfortable while your away. Program the thermostat to set at the desired temperature 30 minutes prior to your normal arrival or wake time to avoid any inconvenience.