New Construction

New Construction and Additions: We attend the most recent national, state, and county code seminars to ensure your home will always be wired safely. We take pride in maintaining up to date technology to offer many options anywhere from: surround sound, future wiring, hanging TV’s, hiding entertainment equipment, radio frequency switching, programmable thermostats, cat 6 Ethernet wiring, security cameras, efficient boilers, A/C units, portable generators, and standby generators.

Fire Hazards

Code Violations: In the event a violation is found during an upgrade or inspection; we are capable of making the corrections and will work closely with the town to expedite approval to meet your anticipated deadline. A list of common violations can be viewed by clicking on the Tips section of our site.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detection – Residential: We install hard wired smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors. They can be interlinked to set each other off or be tied into your alarm system. Even though battery operated smoke detectors are approved by the fire department, they can be dangerous since people are prone to forgetting to change the battery.

Smoke Detection – Commercial: We are capable of working with your fire alarm company to efficiently run cables throughout your building interconnecting smoke detectors, duct sensors, and horn strobes. We can modify or install both the modern addressable systems and older systems.

Service/Panel Upgrades: If your panel looks full, has fuses or the wire outside appears damaged, consider a service evaluation. The average home requires a 200 amp service so if you’re considering installing central air or a generator, it may be time for an upgrade.

Electrical Panel

Generators: We install both portable and standby generators and can determine which is right for you based on your budget, personal preference, location, and the street utilities available. Check out our generators section for more details. We offer maintenance contracts for both existing generators and new installations to ensure you can rely on them when you need them!

Standby Generator


Ceiling Fans and Chandeliers: Replacing an existing fixture, adding extra lighting or changing light bulbs to a high ceiling is not a problem, we will provide quotes for a chandelier lift. If your home can accept a chandelier lift, you will be able to simply lower your fixture to clean and change bulbs whenever it’s needed. Download this video for details of the product we use.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting: Provides a more even light than fixtures and is great as an accent to a bookshelf or painting. You don’t have to remove your ceiling to add them!

Appliances: Outdated appliances or problems with breakers tripping can be updated. By code a kitchen is supposed to have two circuits for the contour tops so if your breaker trips when two or more appliances are on at the same time, you may need to add another circuit to prevent this from happening.

Appliance Upgrades

Phone, Internet, and Cable TV Installations: We are fully capable of adding a wire and connecting it to any phone, internet, and cable service. If you need a second phone line or want Ethernet cable for a faster connection to the internet over wireless, we can do so. Home or office, we will keep your wires organized for appearance as well as future diagnosis.

Phone, Data, Internet

Hot Tubs

Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs: We will coordinate with your pool contractor the layout of conduits required to safely supply the power needed with an emphasis on minimizing damage to your home and yard.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting: Landscape lighting is important for safety and improves the appearance of your investment. We can design to illuminate the proper features of your home, garden or commercial building.

Home Theater and Surround Sound: Designers today are installing TV’s over the fireplace to achieve having two focal points of a room in the same location. If you prefer to have the TV off to the side or on a separate wall, most often we can do so with no wires visible. We can even keep your equipment hidden and install an ir extender to have your remote control work thru walls and or the cabinet.

Surround Sound

Electric Floor Heat: This is a great option to consider if you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom floor. With a programmable thermostat, you are able to set your floor to a comfortable temperature every morning and night. Electric floor heat will not significantly raise your floor’s height and it will be more economical to install over radiant.

Electric Floor Heat

Central Air

Central Air: We work with HVAC contractors to minimize damage to your home during their installation.

Heating Systems

Heating Systems: We offer a variety of solutions to be more energy efficient if you replace your boiler or water heater. An option to consider is installing a heat manager onto your system. The product we use advertises a 10% savings of your annual fuel usage.