Need back up power? We install either standby or portable generators both which operate with ease. Adding a generator to your home is not only adding peace of mind, it adds resale value to your home! If laid out correctly, either a portable or a standby generator can satisfy your needs. Either option can potentially run the entire house including the central air! There are many factors to take into consideration before deciding which generator is right for you, see descriptions below.


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If you travel, have a sump pump, or don’t want to worry about operating a portable, a standby may be an option to think about. A standby generator will detect a power outage and turn on automatically. After the power is restored, the generator will transfer back and turn off. With today’s technology we can easily back up the whole house and install load management on the items that may strain the generator. A standby may be the most convenient, reliable, and the most expensive but that doesn’t mean it’s not affordable.

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At Babico Electric we supply and install them starting as low as $5,000. The average home with a 200 amp service will cost around $7,000 with most of the entire house protected. We are both a sales and service dealer with Generac, and we offer maintenance contracts. Whether you need a proposal to install, need warranty work performed, or need yearly maintenance, you only need to make one call. Look into our maintenance contract below!

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Portable generators came a long way from what they used to be. Manual transfer switches are labor intensive to install, limiting the usage of electrical appliances during an outage, and are obsolete. Since then it is now safe and legal to back feed the whole house with a portable generator for a fraction of the cost of having a transfer switch. After running a wire from a generator inlet box outside to your panel, we then install a safety mechanism over your main breaker which brings the power into the house. The mechanism will not allow both the generator feed and the “street feed” to be on at the same time.

We provide a detailed list of simple instructions next to the mechanism. You can run one central air unit on a portable generator without breaking the bank! If the generator inlet box is installed outside in close proximity of the panel with the mechanism, the average installation price is $800.